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GTA IV 2010 CHevrolet CorveTTe Grand Sport

Mod is not made by me.
Author of 3D model: Turn 10 Studio  
Authors of details: _Lu[M]eN_,Raines
Authors of some textures: Fake,_Lu[M]eN_
Converted by: Arti9609

    - High Quality convertation
    - The model supports all game functions
    - Optimized LOD's
    - HQ collision
    - All materials are thoroughly adjusted to the game engine
    - HQ interior
    - HQ backlights (set HDR effect)
    - Wheel size is the same as on real life Corvette
        - Improved lights
    - Color schemes are set to factory
    - etc...

    - spoiler
    - license plate of the LC

Many color variations:

    - The body is painted in color (CLR:1)
    - Interior is painted in (CLR:2)
        - Rims are painted in (CLR:4)
        - Suspension is painted in (CLR:1)

Heres some screens by me :DD

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